How to Provide Constructive Criticism

Usually the goal in constructive criticism is to critique an individual so they will benefit or improve. Constructive criticism will provide feedback that enhances job results, reduces employees stress, creates psychological security and helps develop the ideal organizational climate. Now, the question is how do we give constructive criticism?

Always give criticism to your employee in private. You have to understand why you are offering criticism and ask if it is appropriate to the situation and constructive for the parties involved? You have to try to understand the perspective of the employee being criticized to develop a good strategy. Before you offer any judgment, you have to describe employee behavior. To accomplish that you have to maintain an open door of dialogue and not presenting explanation of another behavior. Ensure you understand the employee intent. You have to actively listen and repeat back what you have heard to ensure that you have heard correctly.

It is important to start with citing the merits of the effort and the result of the employee. Your objective is to retain merit and eliminate concerns. Always include positive in your critical feedback by reinforcement of positive actions and invite the possibility of change. You have to direct your criticism to the present (here and now) rather than the past (there and then). Remember: focus on the problem, not on the person’s personality. Refer to what a person does, not her or his traits, or character.

It is a good thing to remember to accept the person’s viewpoint and thank them for what they have just told you. Invite a collaborative discussion of consequences to your employee rather than offering advice. You could ask for suggestions or solutions from employees. You have to ensure that the employee feels a part of the solution. As manager or supervisor use the criticism appropriate to improve. It is important to create a joint solution. When the solution has been reached, ask for commitment for executing the solution and commit to your continued support

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